The Video Brochure:

Video & Print all in one!

Imagine… your logo, your branding, and your words both in print and video all in one simple brochure…


    Let’s face it, getting your client’s attention and making a positive impact is key for any successful business.

    However, these days, with everyone being so busy, it’s not always easy to make those connections. That’s why the video brochure is taking marketing and sales to a whole new level.

    Can’t get a meeting with a key client? No problem. Now you can send over the video brochure to do it for you.

    Even the busiest of clients can find 3 minutes in their day to listen to your message, whether they are waiting for a cab, in-between meetings, or sitting on a long flight.

    Not only can these clients now take your message with them, but they can leisurely listen and view your message at their convenience.

    The applications for the video brochure are endless! You can choose to customize and create your own video brochure, or you can choose to order from our standard models. It is a superior presentation support vehicle, makes for a great leave-behind, and as video is highly regarded as the medium of choice, it will surely bring forth your message loud and clear.

    The Video Brochure: convenient, compact, and needless to say, packs a punch!

    Why only tell, when you can now SHOW & TELL!